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In Memoriam

Remembering our Friends and Family Members who through our car club shared time with and enjoyed each others company and memories with the Quad Cities Cruisers. 

To the following Quad Cities Cruisers who have Cruised on down the road before us : 

Michele Dayton

Lloyd Riendeau

Lloyd Paulsen

Steve Smit

Dave "Curly" Reinier

Mark Border

Dee Dee Johnson

Sherrie Copeland

Chuck Downs

Larry Lafoon

Bob Thomas

Norm St. Clair

Christopher Viren

Harriet McKillup

Ken Wilfong

Steve Duffy

Tina Longlett

Rob Lindholme (Q.C.Cruiser Founder)

Dani Lindholme

Roy Lindholme

Ester Lindholme

One Archibald 

Bill Archibald 

Mark Mortier

Jerry Tebockhorst

Bill Monteith

Cliff Williams

Alice Kimball

Dave McEchron



Dave McEchron age 77September25, 1943 - March 22,2021

Steven Duffy age 72   June 26, 1948 - February 18, 2021

Lloyd Raymond Riendeau  June 7th 1940- September 27,2016

Steve Smit age 56   March 25, 1956 -November 1,2009

Mark Border  August 9, 1952 - November 25, 2019

 Michael J. Naab age 72   September 28,1944 - October 13, 2016